David Grzesiek

Content & Website Management

When I found my addiction to crypto currencies years ago I started working at Crypto Supply.
The more I learn about these currencies, the more I’m fascinated of using technology.

The daily exchange with customers and suppliers give me a deeper understanding, which fields we can improve and how we can simplify the start for people, to make money out of Bitcoin and other currencies, too.

Dominik Demar

Marketing Specialist

As a marketing specialist, I’m very interested into the mechanics of working strategies and the complex constructions of our technical world. 

The blockchain technology opens many new possibilities in different areas and it’s a great adventure to see how Bitcoin and other  cryptocurrencies change the awareness about money. 

Peter Marggraff

Founder / CEO

Since I know from Bitcoin in 2016, I have been impressed by the freedom that this technology gives to us. Therefore, it is my passion to show everyone how financial freedom is coming with the blockchain technology.

We´re helping to build the infrastructure for the money system of the future and being a part of this is really exciting.

Benjamin Wehner

Technical Support

Bitcoin has peaked my interest back in 2013, when I was doing IT-Security at the Bundeswehr. Since 2019 I am happy to be a part of the Crypto Supply team.

Specialized on the Tech-Support and network security, I have a great opportunity to combine my tendency for computer hardware and software with my skills in communication

We are your blockchain investment enabler!

We are a German based company founded in 2017 in Bavaria. Since this time we served over 500+ clients and received great feedback for our service.

Our aim is it to bring everybody an easy-going solution to enter the world of mining cryptocurrencies. Therefor we offer the most advanced and profitable crypto mining-hardware on the market and also the most relaxing operating-solution. This means you don’t have to worry about operating the device(s) because we take care about it for you.

In our housing / hosting solution, our Team is running the mining-hardware of our clients with the best conditions while you profit from low electricity rates (6,9 ct per kWh) and the possibility to use  100 % green power from the hydroelectric powerplant.

In our opinion you should have the freedom to control your hardware when ever you want, so we can give you a VPN – Access to your device.

You can rely on the globally acknowledged „German engineering and accuracy“ as skills that stand for quality, innovation, expertise, and excellence in operational execution in the cooperation with. As a customer you profit from a general 2 years warranty on our featured products while being able to pay for our services and goods via credit card, wire transfer and crypto currencies.

Check out our social media feeds on YouTubeFacebookDiscordTwitter and Instagram and stay tuned for news!

Get in touch with us via E-Mail or the previously mentioned channels if you have any questions.

We are happy to answer every request!

See you soon and happy mining!