About us

Welcome to Crypto Supply!

We are your blockchain-investment-enabler.

We are a German based startup founded in 2017 in Bavaria. Since this time we served over 500+ clients and received great feedback for our service.

Our aim is it to bring everybody an easy-going solution to enter the world of mining cryptocurrencies. Therefor we offer the most advanced and profitable crypto mining-hardware on the market with the most relaxing operating-solution so that you don’t have to worry how to operate the device(s) because we take care about it for you.

In our housing-solution our Team is running the clients mining-hardware in the best conditions for a computer while you proft from low electricity rates and 100 % green power from the hydroelectric powerplant. We don’t offer any cloud-miningsolutions because we have the opinion that you should be the owner of your mininghardware.

You can rely on the globally acknowledged „German engineering and accuracy“ as skills that stand for quality, innovation, expertise, and excellence in operational execution in the cooperation with. As a customer you profit from a general 2 years warranty on our featured products while being able to pay for our services and goods via credit card, wire transfer and crypto currencies.

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Get in touch with us via E-Mail or the previously mentioned channels if you have any questions. We are happy to answer every request!

See you soon and happy mining!

The Crypto Supply Team

Peter Marggraff

Founder / CEO

Before I started my apprenticeship in a small private bank in Germany I already knew my passion for the dynamics of global markets.
In more than 10 years, my partners and clients were able to benefit from my advice on great opportunities from different markets.
After recognizing the huge potential of blockchain and possible implications of cryptocurrency in 2017, I’ve become more and more involved with the topic.
With Crypto Supply, we give every interested person the chance to independently find out about the financial benefits of being a part of the blockchaintechnology.

David Grzesiek

Content & Website Management

When I found my addiction to crypto currencies years ago I started working at Crypto Supply.
The daily exchange with customers and suppliers makes me happy and I enjoy it a lot!

Dominik Demar

Marketing Specialist

As a marketing specialist, I am very happy to be working for Crypto Supply - because crypto was only a minor matter for me in the past, due to lack of time, it makes me all the more fun to be here and to learn more about crypto & blockchain technologies